Product presentation

Metal case, anti-vandal
Digital backlit touch keypad
Multi-function standalone access
controller and reader,
WG26 output/Input
Capacity: 2000 cards/ codes
Three way to open the door:
card, password, card + password

Product model

Technical parameters:

Card type:EM/MF                              Capacity: 2,000                                           Environment Humidity:10%~90%             Lock output:≤1A
Working voltage:DC12V-24V           Static electricity:≤30mA                           Alarm output:≤20A                                    Output short circuit protection time:≤100μS
Card read distance:2~5cm               Ambient temperature:-40℃~60℃         Door Opening Time: 099s                             Dimension:141 *58*23mm

Package size:

Packing list:

Common power supply diagram

Special power supply diagram