Product name: RFID Proximity EM TK4100 Blank Thin Card for RFID Card Reader and Mifare NFC Access Controller

Model: EM008

Brand: SIB


Reading range: 5-10cm

Data saved time: 10 years

Material: ABS +  PVC

Temperature: -10℃ - +50℃

Dimensions: 85*54*0.8mm

Weight: 0.06KG

Packaging: 200PCS/Box, 25boxes/CTN, 5000PCS/CTN, 31KGS/CTN, Carton dimension: 52*34*22cm

1. What is an ID card and what is an IC card?

The full name of IC card is integrated circuit card (Integrated Circuit Card), also known as smart card (Smart Card). Readable and writable, large capacity, encryption function, reliable data recording, more convenient to use, such as one-card system, consumption system, attendance system, etc. At present, there are mainly PHILIPS Mifare series cards, and China has F08 Mifare series cards.
The full name of ID card is Identification Card. It is a non-writable induction card with a fixed number. It mainly includes EM format of Taiwan SYRIS, American HID, TI, MOTOROLA and other ID cards. China has TK4100, etc. All kinds of compatible chip cards.

2. What is the difference between ID card and IC card?
ID cards can only be read but not written, while IC cards can read and write data, and IC cards can be encrypted. The IC card has the function of reading and writing, and 16 sectors can be encrypted, and the ID card can be copied by others.
IC involves sector passwords, which have higher security performance and are not easy to be cloned, so IC cards are more expensive than ID cards on the market.